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Both Booker and Moose have had those - and, as per usual, neither of theirs cleared up on their own and they had to be removed. Moosie's just kept getting bigger and bigger (the vet recoiled in horror when she opened up his mouth - it really was quite funny) and Booker started sprouting them all over her mouth (a recurring theme for the Book, it seems).

Hopefully it won't come to surgery for Chloe, but to reassure you just in case, however, it really wasn't too invasive, as surgeries go. I'm not sure they even needed a general anaesthetic - they might have been able to do it with a local anaesthetic and sedative... it is hard to remember exactly as it was some years ago and there have been SOOOO many surgeries since - but it definitely was relatively minor as surgeries go and the recovery was pretty much instantaneous and neither of theirs ever grew back.

Fingers crossed it won't come to that for Chloe, though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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