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Brien -
Anytime you have a video of a Beagle Field Trial, I'd love to see it. I love watching that and hearing all those beautiful Beagle voices. Last nite Shiloh Beaglebrat got away from me - we live in a regular city neighborhood but it is sort of near the outter edge and we have a few bunnies in the area. We were out walking and the bunny bolted in front of us. Me & Shiloh struggled for a few minutes, even thought I had him under control a time or two but he finally managed to slip his regular collar, a harness and his Halti then he was off. I finally was able to get him with the help of a neighbor and my sis. But before that, he was doing what a lot of those Beagles in the video were doing - frenzied tail wagging, nose near or on the ground at all times with frequent barks or baying and there were times he would barely take a few steps in order to keep on the trail of that rabbit scent. He even managed to find a small wooded area with overgrown brush with a creek running through it. Needless to say, he got a bath last nite.


1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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