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What a great story (again). Ricksconnected - I really have to stop reading your stories at work, though - because they all make me cry...

We have been lucky to have mostly good experiences with vets and our beagles - although we always seem to see the vet much more often than we (or the hounds) would like. And they always give us a hard time about their weight but we know we have that coming and they just have the beagles' best interest at heart.

Sadly, the surgeon who performed Booker's back surgery passed away himself only about 10 days after he did her surgery (he was taking his first vacation in many years and died of a heart attack in the cab on the way to the airport). Although we had met with him briefly after the surgery we really hadn't yet had a chance to fully thank him for the wonderful thing he did for Booker - but I like to think that the gift of his skills lives on every day in all the dogs like Booker he helped during his life.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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