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What a great story!!!Or original vet, who just love the girls, moved on to another locarion too far for us. We stayed at the same clinc location and the vets we have now are great. We do our doggie day care there also about twice a month. Everyone loves the beagles. Our new vet (s) seem to really know beagles well and they look forward to our visits. Cecil kisses the vet and it's like family. The kennel girls love when Cecil and Brandy are there as the is no dog so gentle and loving as a beagle. When our girls are there, it's a lot of play with the vet staff and the vet always looks in on them. Our girls love to go there and when I call with the stupidest questions, they don't mind and answer them. I feel very fortunate. I have been lucky to have had exceptional vets and compassionate ones. I think that is more common than one thinks. It is not at all like doctors for humans. I had one vet client years ago who left the profession. He loved his patients, but hated the owners. I think that is probably a true statement on vets also. It's us humans who are the problem. Vets love their patients and do their best for them....the ones without voices.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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