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vets are people too

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hey folks.
i got a shorts story for you. yeah i know, i dont know the meaning of the word short, but i'll try it out on this one. some of you know i had a lab roommate before bernie happened along. his name was scooby. scooby was a very big part of my life. he was there through some of lifes worst with me. through thick and thin ya know? scooby had developed cancer, which is one of my best stories ever.(oh come on, somebody ask me to tell it. cause it will put ya back in your chair big time. a real eye opener. a story that will make you think) any ways, scooby's vet is a young guy, say about 30 yrs old at this time. he helped me take care of scooby to the very end. money was pretty tight and scooby had needed extras at the clinic. so they gave scooby things for free of charge, and on many occations. mostly costly lab work.well, that trip came, the trip of which its memory lasts a life time. i had to take ole scooby to the vet to be pronounced dead and arrangements made. david, scoobys doc, and now bernies, took me inside and we looked at boxes to put scooby in after he was turned to ash. we found a very nice one. i forgot the wood type but its very beautiful indeed. lol, lets just say ole scooby is setting here beside me still to this day. well it was a few days, maybe a week, and the vet tech called. she told me that scooby was ready for pic-up. i told her ok, and that i would be in in a few days. well, a few days had passed and i just couldnt bring myself to go get him.
then a week passed and she called again. i told her that i just couldnt bring myself to come in yet. she understood. well within a few days i mustered up the nerve and went to go get my old friend. i walked in and everybody knew why i was there. i even took bernie beagle with me. she put scooby on the counter and said, there you go rick. and there was a card too. so i opened up my wallet and forked over the $600 plus. she looked at me and told me it was free of charge. i told her i hadnt paid for it yet. she said she was aware of that and it had been taken care of. i told her that it was ok, that the reason i hadnt came in was not because of the expence, but because it was just to tough. she said she knew that, and it was still no charge. i felt like crap ya know? i didnt want folks thinking i was a charity case by any means. she said sometimes rick, ya just gotta smile and say thank you. she then told me david had paid the bill.(scoobys doctor) i was blown away. lost for words, but confused as to why. david came around the corner with the smile on his face that he seemed to always carry with him.i said david, you dont have to do this, $$ has gotten better lately. i work on commission for the record. he shock my hand and said "rick, you lost a friend and loved one, but me, i lost a patient." dear lord, i about lost it right there. now remember, im a big "manly man", and we dont do that ok.as far back as i can remember, thats the single most greatest thing anyone has ever done for me. well, maybe not the greatest by worldy standards, but its ment the most to me. david poured everything into scoobys treatment, but never ever suggested me putting scooby down. it wasnt an option for me or scooby. some find that cruel, but not really. see, scooby was gods dog, but under my care until he had scooby's perfect home prepaired. i knew the lord would send for him when scoobys new home was ready, and he did.i guess this story wasnt about scooby as i intended it to be. it was about a vet named david, and how much i think he liked scooby too. i know this is a beagle forum, and im sorry this story went stray. i guess maybe i owe it to david, and to you people, to remind you, that vets are our heros, and deserve our gratitude, and that we should maybe take the time to say thank you to them. do it between visits, not while your there. it would mean something to them i bet.think of how you would feel if your boss or customer called you out of the blue, or stopped by to just say thank you. it would feel pretty good wouldnt it.
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Great story. You are right, they are peeple too. Murphy & Summer's vet, Dr. Goldacker, has helped us through all of Murphy's most tramatic situations: epilepsy, paralysis, cancer, and now leukemia. She has been there for us at some of the hardest times in his recoveries. She calls Murphy "the miracle beagle". He has been through so much and yet is always happy. She has learned more from him than any other patient she has.

We thank her often, but never enough.
Great story Rick and one that brought tears to my eyes. When our last beagle had to be put to sleep I thought it would kill me. I was so upset. We arranged with our vet to have her put to sleep early in the morning and he hugged us and cried! He had known Spotty for 13 years. It must be hell to be a vet.
What a lovely story, Rick! Scooby sounds like a really special dog. We would love to see pictures - as you will notice, there is always room for our "honourary beagles" here on BW. I've been lucky so far (knock wood) not to have any huge health crises, but with the ones we have had (jumping out of the moving car, eating chocolate, eating compost), they have treated us amazingly well. We have seen every vet at our clinic and they all seem to have a soft spot for Buckley the beagle. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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What a nice story, the Vet guy David sounds like a real gentleman and nice man.

We have moved vets recently as the old head vet was very rude to me and made it clear he did not think much of beagles and especially wussy spoilt pedigree ones.

Here in the UK I have met people who have been most rude when they have met or know about our beagles. Comments range from "oh those dogs are such hard work" to "they bark all the time" "whats the point of having a dog that you cant let off its a bl**dy hunting dog" or "All they do is eat" (well so do other breeds of dogs)

You do get enthusiasts who get really excited when they see the dogs but I have more negative comments than positive
I am a firm believer that a good Vet is worth his weight in gold and a great Vet is priceless. I always try to let my clinic know how much I truly appreciate them. Last Valentines Day I sent them some personalized M&Ms that said WE LUV DR. JOE and this year at Thanksgiving some goodies that told them how thankful we were that they were in our life. Of course all this was signed by Shasta, Austin and Megan. :rolleye11:
Yes, a good vet is a true blessing! Years ago when my, now at the Bridge, Shadow, had a life threatening illness that required major surgery, the vet was amazing! :thumbup: I still credit his willingness to listen, as well as treat, with saving my boy's life. We now drive an hour each way to take Traveler and Spook to a vet who has shown real concern, and even given us his home phone number so we can always contact him. Sometimes a little inconvenience is overcome by quality of care. :exactly: Great story, Rick.
Great story. We have a wonderful vet as well, but your story just reminds us how close they become to our pets as well. He sound like a great guy.
What a great story!!!Or original vet, who just love the girls, moved on to another locarion too far for us. We stayed at the same clinc location and the vets we have now are great. We do our doggie day care there also about twice a month. Everyone loves the beagles. Our new vet (s) seem to really know beagles well and they look forward to our visits. Cecil kisses the vet and it's like family. The kennel girls love when Cecil and Brandy are there as the is no dog so gentle and loving as a beagle. When our girls are there, it's a lot of play with the vet staff and the vet always looks in on them. Our girls love to go there and when I call with the stupidest questions, they don't mind and answer them. I feel very fortunate. I have been lucky to have had exceptional vets and compassionate ones. I think that is more common than one thinks. It is not at all like doctors for humans. I had one vet client years ago who left the profession. He loved his patients, but hated the owners. I think that is probably a true statement on vets also. It's us humans who are the problem. Vets love their patients and do their best for them....the ones without voices.
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You are a great story teller. I cried reading about Scooby's end. I am very fortunate that I found a wonderful vet's office. I have used the same vet for the last 14 years now. First with Amber, now with Jersey. They sent me flowers when I lost Amber. The girls cried with me and helped me pick out the right urn for her. I know that I wasn't charged for everything that was done the last week or so. It's important to find someone who cares about our babies the way that we do. There is a quote that hangs in the lobby at my vets office..."A veteranarian is the best doctor in the world. Their patients can't tell them what is wrong, they just need to know." I don't think I got that totally right, but it's something like that.

Hellen, I'm sorry that you get such a hassle when it comes to the Beagles. I've been lucky I guess. I've only had one or two people say anything negative about the breed to me. And they got a good piece of my mind.
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thank you again folks. it was in my heart to tell that story. dont know why honestly, but there you have it. and would you just look at that lil bundle of beagle up there in jenna's reply. how cute! bernie is 4yrs old now. everything has grown on him except his ears. he still has the longest ears on any animal ive seen. lol
he was a strange looking kid too. he use to try to chase me in the house but kept falling over his ears. i use to kinda tuck'em in his collar so he could run after me. true story.
murphy's dad, i sent you a PM.
What a great story (again). Ricksconnected - I really have to stop reading your stories at work, though - because they all make me cry...

We have been lucky to have mostly good experiences with vets and our beagles - although we always seem to see the vet much more often than we (or the hounds) would like. And they always give us a hard time about their weight but we know we have that coming and they just have the beagles' best interest at heart.

Sadly, the surgeon who performed Booker's back surgery passed away himself only about 10 days after he did her surgery (he was taking his first vacation in many years and died of a heart attack in the cab on the way to the airport). Although we had met with him briefly after the surgery we really hadn't yet had a chance to fully thank him for the wonderful thing he did for Booker - but I like to think that the gift of his skills lives on every day in all the dogs like Booker he helped during his life.
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Rick....I too will have to save the reading of your stories until I need a good cry /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

It was a beautiful story although it took me a few minutes to read as I was crying most of the time. I also have a Scooby (shepard/boxer mix) that has found a place in Dr. Barry and Dr. Twilla's hearts. He required heartworm treatment right after I rescued him and the doctors stayed with him for 2 nights in a row as he went through the treatment. When I have to be out of town I board him at the animal hospital's kennel but Dr. Barry ends up taking him (and his siblings) home to his farm to stay. He is a favorite of the whole office.

I have found the perfect vet just as you have .... seriously !!!
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Great story, Rick. Love all your stories, in fact. Just want to say it's great to have another dog lover like you with us here. :thumbup:
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