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Updated Pictures of Maya's pups

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The puppies are now 19 days old and really getting cute. They have their eyes and ears open now, they are walking on their legs, and they are playing with each other (as of today).

I have a website with daily updates and almost daily pictures if you want to check it out. www.freewebs.com/ashes63

All the new puppy owners have been selected with the exception of one of Maya's litter and one "Pick of the Litter" pup we received for a stud fee contract. That is just 2 females to go.

Picture 1 followed by Picture 2 - Take a bite out of crime or your brother, whichever is easier!

Picture 3 & Picture 4: All snuggled in!

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This is one absolutely completely cute bunch of puppies.. :heart: :heart:
The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. :heart: If I remember the date correctly, I think you have a couple of days left to submit pictures for the BW calendar. You should most definitely submit these photos!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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