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Update on Susi and Snoopy

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Unfortunately the meet up with Snoopy's brother didnt take place but the owner did send me some pics. I hope they will be coming to visit us in which case I shall take lots of photos.
Susi and Snoopy are doing very well, we love them to bits and cant imagine life without them. They seem so happy and give us endless pleasure. I really can recommend anyone taking a rescue.

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I always love hearing about Susi and Snoopy, and especially love seeing their pictures. The thought of what happened to them before they were rescued sends shivers down my spine.

The thought of Susi, Snoopy, Spike and Feivel playing together while the parents have tea (do you all really stop and drink tea every afternoon) sounds exciting.

Thanks, Eleanor! It is so wonderful these dogs have a new lease on life. I saw the Animal Planet documentary years ago about beagles being used in labs. I was crying my eyes out. It should be illegal. Why isn't it illegal? In that documentary the beagles did get freed (or bought) and they found homes for all of them. It is just so terrible that a beagle's friendly nature is used against them like that. O.k., I am getting myself worked up...I'll get off the soapbox... I know that everyone here feels the same way about it as I do!

Thank you, again, for sharing the wonderful pictures!
Thanks Eleanor for the link. I keep forgetting all the new members dont know the story.
Buffy, and all those who dont know the story, here a short rundown. Susi was used at a research centre near Munich, Germany. She had to give birth as often as possible whilst they tried out various pesticides on her. The pups were then destroyed to see the effect of these poisons. Of course Susi was a mental wreck. After five years they decided to get rid of her, usually they destroy unwanted research dogs, and a rescue centre bought her and sent her to a veterinary college to be sterilized. As if that wasnt enough, they decided at the university to use her once more, got her pregnant and after a certain time removed the embryos and sent them to a large hospital for research on embryos.
Snoopy (Feivel and Spike) were bought by the university as pups, for the students to practise on. They also were used as sperm banks for their own breeding program, but the boys were not allowed any fun in this, it was all mechanically organised. Snoopy spent 5 years there (we now know infact he was 6 when we got him not 5)but was proving a handfull as he refused to cooperate. So was sterilised as well.
Susi and Snoopy met in the university and travelled together to the rescue centre. It was love at first sight with them, so when we went to choose a rescue beagle, we decided to take them both.

Even to this day we cant have soft or squeaky toys in the house, Susi goes straight into the nursing mode. However, anyone having seen them at the begining would be amazed at how 'normal' they are now.
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Denise, yes we do drink tea (or coffee) most afternoons!Usually about 3.30pm. Best of all on a warm day in the garden.
Thank you for sharing their story with me. No doubt that you are a beagle angel. As sad as their story is, it is so wonderfully happy to see them living the good life now! They certainly deserve the good life!
The pictures are wonderful, they are all gorgeous dogs who have been saved and living better lives.

I'm English but I only drink tea on a Sunday morning with my breakfast and the dogs get some too, they love it.
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