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Update on Susi and Snoopy

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Unfortunately the meet up with Snoopy's brother didnt take place but the owner did send me some pics. I hope they will be coming to visit us in which case I shall take lots of photos.
Susi and Snoopy are doing very well, we love them to bits and cant imagine life without them. They seem so happy and give us endless pleasure. I really can recommend anyone taking a rescue.

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The pictures are just wonderful!! I am relatively new to the board and don't know the story of their lives. I am guessing a research lab? If there is a post to the story of Snoopy and Susi, I would love to read it. Regardless, they ALL look like very happy hounds now!!!
Thanks, Eleanor! It is so wonderful these dogs have a new lease on life. I saw the Animal Planet documentary years ago about beagles being used in labs. I was crying my eyes out. It should be illegal. Why isn't it illegal? In that documentary the beagles did get freed (or bought) and they found homes for all of them. It is just so terrible that a beagle's friendly nature is used against them like that. O.k., I am getting myself worked up...I'll get off the soapbox... I know that everyone here feels the same way about it as I do!

Thank you, again, for sharing the wonderful pictures!
Thank you for sharing their story with me. No doubt that you are a beagle angel. As sad as their story is, it is so wonderfully happy to see them living the good life now! They certainly deserve the good life!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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