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Im posting here b/c I needed some advice a week ago about the same dog, so I thought you may want to know, although im sure this should be in the 'adoption' forum..

here is an update and past info

My FI and I were coming home from a meeting an hour away from home.....saw a old female beagle running on the side of the road....after a lot of time and effort...we almost gave up, but went down one more road and found her..she bit me..had to turn her in, ect...

So I have called every day about her..today I got a call saying "we need you to help us"...I told them if she cannot be adopted that I would try to get her taken in by some rescues around here

Im new at this..very new, I just started doing rescue, im not sure what im doing really, but I called around, emailed a lot, and finally Beagles and Buddies said they may take her..maybe.

The lady who contacted me was very nice by email...say they have a heart for older beagles...she is about 10 yrs they say...

They want me to foster her..how much I would love to...but I have 2 MALES, and much younger beagles, and I really think it wouldnt be a good thing with an older female...and we work so much and they spend so much time in doggie day care...we are just not in the right spot to foster..

I told them I would sponser her...I will pay for her shots, medical care, ect...if they will take her in....get her out of the shelter..

I am waiting for the response.

that is her update...

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Sponsoring her medical care is a wonderful offer!

Maybe you can put out flyers about her (and her touching story) with her picture at the daycare and at work asking for "temporary" foster care.

Thanks for the update!

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