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First - thanks to everyone for the good wishes - I think they've helped!

Though Regal was running a temp on Friday all other bloodwork, Xrays came back fine. The doctor thought it could be a case of Beagle Pain Syndrome which requires a spinal tap to diagnose. She didn't feel the need to rush into a spinal tap and asked us to monitor him over the weekend.

Thankfully his activity level is just about back to normal and he sat at my feet begging last night as I ate my ice cream! We're still concerned because he is not devouring his kibble like normal. We gave him some wet food last night which he did better with and I mixed some apple sauce with his kibble today - he ate about 2/3 of his bowl but we're not used to seeing any leftovers!!

We are also scheduled to leave for vacation on Wednesday and he is due to go to the kennel on Tuesday. I think we're going to leave him with my brother for a couple of days and then my in-law's just in case something else happens.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts!
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