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little bit of an update we had to clean maggies ears and put drops in (good gosh that is not fun) well since shes so nervous about that i had to wrap her in a towel ( kinda swadle) muzzle her with a leash and put my legs over her (im home along and had to do what i had to do to get her, her meds plus even when eric was home we couldnt get it done she just doesnt allow it) well since i was pulling and tugging to try and get her ears clean and drops in the tear duct WENT BACK IN!!!!!

Realistically I know if its popped out twice we are going to eventually have to have surgery done but its still good news, #1 we want to wait as long as possible shes been stressed enough being put into a shelter and then coming home to here. #2 we are waiting till next week to get more information from the vet she had during her 1st home, to see if the surgery was performed on both eyes or only one (the papers say cherry eyes so it seems plurar so ud think both but well see) and see what type of fix it they did, if its a case of the surgery not working obviosly a diff type or more drastic maybe be needed.

So for know ill keep the ointment going and watch it and see how it is monday, if its out again shell be going to the vet otherwise well wait till her checkup to make sure her ear infection is cleared up and we'll discuss with the vet her old records and see where to go from there
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