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hey all beagle lovers, sorry i didnt write for a long time... pita is turnning 1 soon and she is lovely, and the sweetest!! i still have one problem that doesnt seem to get better for a long time, she still has accidents in the house with bladder here and then, is it normal at the age of 1? i tried crate training, and the rininging bell on the door but nothing really helped, the nights are perfect, what other way is there that she can show me when she needs to go out? and also she has a problem with falling asleep when i go to sleep, she starts to jump on me and wants to play, i started putting her in the garage and she fell asleep there without any problems, without crying... i dont want to put her asleep in the garage every night, what should i do?
thank you very very much!!!

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Hi Doron, ma nish?
I'm glad Pita is doing well. Some Beagles take longer than others to be 100% trained. Chloe still had accidents at that age, not often, but still.
You can keep her in the crate, next to your bed at night, so that you don't have to keep her in the garage. Take her out just before bed time and first thing in the morning. At her age she should be able to hold it through the night.

Keep us posted.
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