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I am new to this...this is how it's going so far, don't forget Rocky is young...11 weeks!

Monday -Thursday and the last Friday of the month I am at work so he spends his day in the crate sleeping and my son comes home on his lunch for a potty break. Every morning he gets brought to bed by hubby before he leaves for work around 6 and we have a bit more sleep. When I get up around 6:30 I take him to wake up the kids, one at a time, while I get ready for work. We go downstairs no later than 7:15 and he goes outside, then has his breakfast as the kids and I get breakfast and make lunches. Usually he's roaming while we do this, occasionally chasing one of the kittens, but if he starts getting into too much stuff, I tether him to my waist. A last potty break, short walk if there's time, and at 7:45 he's in the crate and we're out the door. The kids are home at 2:35, he gets taken out immediately and when I get home just before 3 he's usually finding things to get into, and he greets me quite happily! He gets some playtime from anyone who is willing, I will do the occasional recall to keep him nearby and on his toes. He goes outside many times between 3 and 5:30, sometimes to just play or lay in the sun. He eats when we eat-I am hoping to reduce the future begging! Outside, walk, playtime, it varies. Final piddle between 10:30 and 11, then it's bed time!

Weekends are much more relaxed with more outside time and a couple of walks. Since we're home more he is also in his crate less on the weekends. On my Fridays off, it's pretty much the same as a weekend, but it's only me with him all day.

I am sure this will change as he grows up!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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