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Bob- great description!

Here's our normal day during the week...

Everyone is sound asleep.


Jason's alarm goes off and as soon as it beeps Daisy and Rocky are on the bed practically screaming that it's time to eat. Jason gets up and feeds them and then takes a shower.


My alarm goes off... no doggie mugging because by now the pups have already eaten and are asleep again.


Jason leaves for work. The dogs are asleep.


The pups wake up and go outside to potty and play for a while and do the typical beagle things: sniffing for birds, lizards, the rabbit that lives out there, anything else that moves...


The dogs come in (if they haven't already) and they get their you better behave speech and a treat.

I go to work. Daisy and Rocky have the run of the house.

Some days I get home for lunch, but most days I don't unfortunately. So the pups are on their own until I get home at about 4:20pm. We're looking for our own house now and when we do we'll be setting up some kind of a run so they can have access to the outside. That way they don't have to hold it all day.


Dinner time for the pups!! They love that part of the day.


Time for a jog! Me and the pups go for our daily walk/job.

The evening is a mixture of playing, ball chasing, bird chasing.


The dogs are passed out...


Jason and I are passed out...

Over the weekend the pups are pretty much in and out all day. If the day is nice we just leave the back door open and they come and go as they please. Their internal clocks are set to eat at 5:30 so at 5:30 on the weekend, even without the alarm, they're getting us up to feed them. LOL
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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