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I work shiftwork so if I am on days, I leave for work before anyone else is up (around 6:30am), including Winston. The odd time he does get up with me, he goes back to bed with the hubby as soon as I leave. I don't get home until after 7pm so who knows what Winston really did all day.

Although I hear he makes several trips to the lumber yard, goes to work at a construction site and after school he gets to go for a walk and have a cookie.

No wonder by the time I get home he's laying on the deck fast asleep.

If I am on nights, he'll either sleep with me or visit lumber yards again and go to work with dad.

On the days I am home, after everyone is off to work or school, we usually go for a walk, then he sleeps alot of the afternoon, and then he gets his after school walk/play and a cookie, and an evening walk if the weather is fine, or playtime in the house.
Some days we pick up his little friend Fuji the Shih Tzu and take him home to play with us.
Some evenings, he'd just rather chew on a bone.

Sometimes on days off we go to a nearby valley to walk the trails as long as weather is decent.

Nope, nothing is routine around here.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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