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I try not to have too strict a routine in case it needs to change for whatever reason, that way the dog's don't stress out if things are different.

Basically - during the week I'll get up around 7am, feed the three dogs and the cat, two of the dogs I have a specific training routine I do when I feed them. Then I get ready for work and put the dogs outside (or leave them in if someone else is home).

When I come home from work I might take them for a walk, I will do some training at some point too. I am doing a training program with Daisy that means we train at least once a day, and once a week I will film an update and send it to my trainer for some feedback. At some point during the night I'll feed all the animals dinner.

On the weekends it is much more relaxed and we have no set routine, although I usually do a training update video on Sat/Sun afternoon. We might go to the park, or the beach, or do something doggy related like go to lurecoursing/canine event/play date with some friends who also have dogs etc.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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