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During the week -

Either the alarm rings at 7:30am or the dogs get me up sometime between 6 and 7. I put on the robe that lies beside the bed and stumble to the back door. Dogs go outside to potty. Spock comes bounding back inside, Bones has to be enticed back inside. Their breakfast follows, then a few minutes more of outside. The dogs decide whether to stay in or out based on the weather. Cool to warm, plus sunshine, equals both dogs stay out and sleep in the sun. Bones always wants to be outside unless it is pouring rain. Spock stays out for a few minutes and either pouts on the futon or scratches at the door to be let back in. If the weather's bad, they gingerly go potty, then both come back in and go back to bed. Jerks. When it's time for me to leave for work at 8:30, they get a treat, then go kennel.

My boyfriend works from home a lot and has half days on Fridays, so sometimes they just stay in bed with him or only stay in the kennel for 2-3 hours. Else, they're in there until he comes home at 4pm or thereabouts.

I come home at 6:15pm and get puppy mobbed. Then Bones wants out and Spock stays at my feet until dinner time. If any human is eating, the dogs beg for food (which they never get). I feed them at 7. They go out for a while after that, then Spock comes in. If we watch TV and they're both inside, Bones sleeps in our laps on the main couch and Spock pouts from the love seat; else, they're playing and wrestling, and the sound of the growling drowns out the good parts of House. If I'm on the computer, Spock sleeps on the red couch and Bones sleeps in her daddy's computer chair, chews on a bone, goes outside, or runs around the house whining, occasionally getting Spock to play with her. My boyfriend and I play with Spock every so often and try to entice Bones into playing (she never has played with people very much).

Around 10pm or so, they go outside for the last time that night (usually followed by one more hopeful trip sometime after 11, We went out again, can we have more treats?), do some tricks, get a treat, and then it's off to bed. Bones burrows under the covers, then pops out for some water, then lays on top of the covers, then crawls back under. Spock nestles in the middle of the bed and growls when Bones comes up to the top to nudge her way under the covers again. Sometimes he gets annoyed and sleeps on the floor beside me on the robe lying next to the bed.

The weekends are much like this, in that my alarm clock is turned off before it rings more often than not. They are in their kennels whenever my boyfriend and I go to brunch on Sunday mornings, if we have to go to Lowe's (always an hourlong trip), run errands, etc. They would stay outside more often while we were gone if Bones was not such a howler. The dogs spend loads of time outside when we're home. Twice a month or more often, we go to the pet store on a weekend day, and they get Greenies treats.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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