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We have different routines for different types of weeks - one being when human daddy (HD) works days the other when HD works afternoons.

HD works afternoons goes something like this: Human mommy (HM) gets up at 6:30 and goes downstairs. Ben stays in bed or on bedroom floor licking paws. HM feeds cats, cleans litter boxes and repeatedly calls for Ben to go outside. HD keeps snoring. Ben finally decides to go outside to piddle and secure the perimeter. HM eats breakfast and watches the news with Ben. HM feeds Ben and goes upstairs to get ready for work. Ben goes back to bed and snores with HD. HM goes to work. HD and Ben spend the day together - napping and a short walk. HD goes to work. Human children 1 & 2 get home from school. HC1 walks Ben. Human grandma visits. HC leave to stay with their HM (not Ben's HM). HM gets home and it is WALK time. HM and Ben eat dinner, snuggle, play fetch and go to bed. HD pushes Ben out of his spot in the bed at midnight when he gets home. And the cycle starts again.

HD works mornings goes something like this: HD gets up at 5am and goes to work. The cats start crying for food, Ben starts licking his paws earlier than usual, and HM wishes everyone would be more quiet. HM gets up at 6. Ben and HM go for a WALK! HM eats feeds cats, cleans litter boxes, eats breakfast and watches the news with Ben. HM feeds Ben and gets ready for work. Ben goes back to sleep on couch. HM leaves for work. Ben spends all day partying and harassing the cats (this is just speculation). HC1 gets home and takes Ben for walk. HC2 and grandma get home. HD gets home and takes the HC to their HM's house. Grandma leaves. HM gets home and it is WALK time! HM, HD, and Ben eat dinner, play fetch, cuddle and go to bed.

Weekends are really a free for all full of adventures!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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