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The Bagel's daily routine is broken into three routines; weekdays, weekends, and adventures.

Weekdays. Bob gets up about 5:15, the Bagel does not. Bob showers, dresses, checks Beagle World on the Internet, the Bagel sleeps. Bob puts on his shoes, the Bagel stretches. Bob heads for the Bedroom Door, the Bagel leaps off the bed, rush past bob, bounces off the door, bob opens the door and the Bagel zooms through the house to the Sliding back door where he surveys his backyard. Bob opens the door, the Bagel does a quick patrol of the backyard perimeter. Bob measures Bagel’s daily ration of kibble and pours it into his bowl, verify his water pail has at least 3 gallons of water, wishes Bagel a good day and bob goes to work, the Bagel has breakfast.
Bob does his job at Lockheed Martin, Bagel does his job in the backyard, fretting at lizards, chasing errant pigeons. Bob returns home, immediately goes to the sliding backdoor, opens it, the Bagel enters and zooms through the house. Bob prepares dinner, Bagel keeps bob company. Bob eats dinner, Bagel preforms beagle pre-wash and cleans the plate. Bob checks the Internet, reads snail mail, email, and such, the Bagel helps. Bob crawls in bed, the Bagel hops in bed, licks bob, and they both go to sleep.

Weekends (when bob is lazy). Bob doesn’t get up at 5:15 so the Bagel has to get bob up. Bob has to be encouraged by Bagel to go to the backdoor and open it and put kibble in the Bagel’s bowl. Unless it is very cold bob doesn’t close the door and the Bagel only half-heartily patrols the backyard before returning to encourage bob to finish getting dressed and take him to McDonalds for breakfast (Sausage McMuffin hold the muffin please) cause we all know an egg is good for his coat although if bob is really lazy, a double cheeseburger hold the bun, because they are serving lunch makes the Bagel just as happy. Bob wants to watch the TV but the Bagel tries to encourage bob to go to the dog park instead of watching NASCAR or a rerun of Gunsmoke. This is a typical lazy bob weekend day, Bagel has a captive but lazy bob who despite heroic Bagel effort can’t be motivated enough to do those fun, fun things the usually do when bob isn’t at work!

Weekends (most of the time) Bob wakes up at 3 or 4 or some other time when the alarm goes off, the Bagel takes notice but continues to sleep. Bob showers and dresses in blue jeans and the Bagel notes the sun isn’t up and wakes and stretches. Bob checks his email and tells the Bagel to sit and stay, the Bagel sits, stays and pouts. Bob exits the bedroom, the Bagel is annoyed and upset at being left behind. Bob loads an ice chest, puts the last of things in his vehicle and fetching Bagel’s leash and lead returns for the Bagel. Seeing the Leash, Bagel quivering with delight leaps on the bed to facilitate bob’s ease of hooking the leash to Bagel’s tracking harness, then drags bob down the hall, out the front door to the vehicle and Bagel and bob head to a race, Wildlife Federation Meeting, Camping or other adventure. There is nothing routine after this except that the Bagel will have fun and sniff and more fun!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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