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Typical Daily Routine?

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What is your typcial daily routine with your dogs? The reason I ask is Regal has been acting out a bit this week and I want to make sure we're giving him enough interaction.

I'm the first to admit mornings are tough for me, so my husband usually takes him out for a potty and a little sniffing around. I will sometimes play with him in the yard, other times he beagles around the yard by himself. We sometimes play Find It where he waits while I hide a treat in his kong around the house that he has to bring back to me!

At night, he gets a walk, then usually hangs with me while I make dinner. I try to do some obedience like sit/down stays, leave it, etc.
After dinner while, we're lunging he will usually play with a bone or toy and entertain himself. I think we can be having a little more play time with him at that time. Thanks for your input!
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On the days that I'm working from home (3-4 days a week):

We're up shortly after 5:00 and Murphy goes outside. After 10 minutes or so he gives a bark at the backdoor and I let him in before I shower. He goes in and crawls under the bed to nap for a little longer.

Before breakfast we get in a walk-usually 2.5 to 3.5 miles. We get back home, have breakfast and coffee, then I start working and he naps on the couch. Around 10:00 or so he comes into my office letting me know he needs to go out. I again put him out and he spends some time in the yard trying to sneak up on the birds. Somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00 I take a break and he's ready to come in. He comes to the office with me and usually wants to fall asleep in my lap.

Noon rolls around, and we go for another walk (2-3 miles). When we get home I put together a quick lunch and head back to the office. Murphy usually follows and want to nap in my lap again.

Around 3:00 I'll once again put him in the yard, where he'll stay until 4:30 or so. I let him in and at the end of the day (5:00) we're both eager to go for a walk. We try to get another 2 miles or so in before my wife gets home.

Evenings we might go for another walk, spend time outside, or kick back and relax. Murphy is almost always with us whatever we do.

On the days that I have to go to the office:

We don't do the morning walk-instead Murphy goes to the laundry room for the day. Once I get home I get him settled down and we go for a walk before dinner. I try to spend the rest of the evening with him.

I try to spend 10 minutes or so doing obedience training at least 3 times a day. It's usually pretty random and done when I have time to take a break.
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Pop_Rivit - please don't tell my beagles about your routine! They will want to know why theirs is not as great!!!!

Our routine is just terrible right now! With things being off they have definitely been acting out! I am seven months pregnant and we have a potty training toddler! The dogs eat at 7am and 4pm. They get walked every 2-3 hours and get to play chase and such around the house, but they are not getting nearly enough exercise right now. I just don't have the energy to get them enough walking. I am also a petite woman, so seven months pregnant and walking two strong, nose to the ground dogs is getting tougher everyday! We try to make it to the dog park, but I just started them back with some doggie daycare to help make up for what I can't give them right now. In the evenings they hang with us on the sofa for a little tv and cuddle time!! They go out around 10pm and then go to bed in the laundry room for the night.

We are planning to have a home with a fenced yard in the next year - Thank Goodness!!!!! They LOVE playing outside!!
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well it depends on weather I have to work or not
If I do it goes like this....

I get up at 5:45 take Georgia out for her morning potty walk

go back in get the kids ready for school & hubbie ready for work & than myself

Georgia goes into her crate around 7:30 until I get home on my lunch break 12:00 to let her out for another potty walk
than she goes back in again until 2:45 when the kids & I return from school

we go out for another potty break & than we play or lounge around

If I do not have to work it is the same but she spends most of her time with mee & not in her crate & we get to take long walks so she gets in plenty of sniffing time
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The Bagel's daily routine is broken into three routines; weekdays, weekends, and adventures.

Weekdays. Bob gets up about 5:15, the Bagel does not. Bob showers, dresses, checks Beagle World on the Internet, the Bagel sleeps. Bob puts on his shoes, the Bagel stretches. Bob heads for the Bedroom Door, the Bagel leaps off the bed, rush past bob, bounces off the door, bob opens the door and the Bagel zooms through the house to the Sliding back door where he surveys his backyard. Bob opens the door, the Bagel does a quick patrol of the backyard perimeter. Bob measures Bagel’s daily ration of kibble and pours it into his bowl, verify his water pail has at least 3 gallons of water, wishes Bagel a good day and bob goes to work, the Bagel has breakfast.
Bob does his job at Lockheed Martin, Bagel does his job in the backyard, fretting at lizards, chasing errant pigeons. Bob returns home, immediately goes to the sliding backdoor, opens it, the Bagel enters and zooms through the house. Bob prepares dinner, Bagel keeps bob company. Bob eats dinner, Bagel preforms beagle pre-wash and cleans the plate. Bob checks the Internet, reads snail mail, email, and such, the Bagel helps. Bob crawls in bed, the Bagel hops in bed, licks bob, and they both go to sleep.

Weekends (when bob is lazy). Bob doesn’t get up at 5:15 so the Bagel has to get bob up. Bob has to be encouraged by Bagel to go to the backdoor and open it and put kibble in the Bagel’s bowl. Unless it is very cold bob doesn’t close the door and the Bagel only half-heartily patrols the backyard before returning to encourage bob to finish getting dressed and take him to McDonalds for breakfast (Sausage McMuffin hold the muffin please) cause we all know an egg is good for his coat although if bob is really lazy, a double cheeseburger hold the bun, because they are serving lunch makes the Bagel just as happy. Bob wants to watch the TV but the Bagel tries to encourage bob to go to the dog park instead of watching NASCAR or a rerun of Gunsmoke. This is a typical lazy bob weekend day, Bagel has a captive but lazy bob who despite heroic Bagel effort can’t be motivated enough to do those fun, fun things the usually do when bob isn’t at work!

Weekends (most of the time) Bob wakes up at 3 or 4 or some other time when the alarm goes off, the Bagel takes notice but continues to sleep. Bob showers and dresses in blue jeans and the Bagel notes the sun isn’t up and wakes and stretches. Bob checks his email and tells the Bagel to sit and stay, the Bagel sits, stays and pouts. Bob exits the bedroom, the Bagel is annoyed and upset at being left behind. Bob loads an ice chest, puts the last of things in his vehicle and fetching Bagel’s leash and lead returns for the Bagel. Seeing the Leash, Bagel quivering with delight leaps on the bed to facilitate bob’s ease of hooking the leash to Bagel’s tracking harness, then drags bob down the hall, out the front door to the vehicle and Bagel and bob head to a race, Wildlife Federation Meeting, Camping or other adventure. There is nothing routine after this except that the Bagel will have fun and sniff and more fun!
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Bob, I love the way you describe the Bagel's routine!
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ditto on the description Bob - that really made me laugh.

And my dog will not be allowed to read these posts because he'll see how much action the other pups are getting during the week. I definitely need to step up the morning routine at least...the weather is much nicer and I should be doing more outside with him.
Monday thru Friday:

All dogs up at 4 am with my husband, out to pee and they have breakfast, then back out to pee. They can play until about 6:30 am when I leave for work.

I come home for lunch every day at 11:30 and they get a treat and time to potty.

4:00 pm - outside, dinner, outside and then playtime or a walk.

7:00 pm - snack, outside. (my greyhounds go to bed at 7 pm with my hubby)

10:00 - potty for Molly and then bed.

REPEAT.......everyday. Weekends we try to stay on the same schedule but they get more outside time.
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We have different routines for different types of weeks - one being when human daddy (HD) works days the other when HD works afternoons.

HD works afternoons goes something like this: Human mommy (HM) gets up at 6:30 and goes downstairs. Ben stays in bed or on bedroom floor licking paws. HM feeds cats, cleans litter boxes and repeatedly calls for Ben to go outside. HD keeps snoring. Ben finally decides to go outside to piddle and secure the perimeter. HM eats breakfast and watches the news with Ben. HM feeds Ben and goes upstairs to get ready for work. Ben goes back to bed and snores with HD. HM goes to work. HD and Ben spend the day together - napping and a short walk. HD goes to work. Human children 1 & 2 get home from school. HC1 walks Ben. Human grandma visits. HC leave to stay with their HM (not Ben's HM). HM gets home and it is WALK time. HM and Ben eat dinner, snuggle, play fetch and go to bed. HD pushes Ben out of his spot in the bed at midnight when he gets home. And the cycle starts again.

HD works mornings goes something like this: HD gets up at 5am and goes to work. The cats start crying for food, Ben starts licking his paws earlier than usual, and HM wishes everyone would be more quiet. HM gets up at 6. Ben and HM go for a WALK! HM eats feeds cats, cleans litter boxes, eats breakfast and watches the news with Ben. HM feeds Ben and gets ready for work. Ben goes back to sleep on couch. HM leaves for work. Ben spends all day partying and harassing the cats (this is just speculation). HC1 gets home and takes Ben for walk. HC2 and grandma get home. HD gets home and takes the HC to their HM's house. Grandma leaves. HM gets home and it is WALK time! HM, HD, and Ben eat dinner, play fetch, cuddle and go to bed.

Weekends are really a free for all full of adventures!
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During the week -

Either the alarm rings at 7:30am or the dogs get me up sometime between 6 and 7. I put on the robe that lies beside the bed and stumble to the back door. Dogs go outside to potty. Spock comes bounding back inside, Bones has to be enticed back inside. Their breakfast follows, then a few minutes more of outside. The dogs decide whether to stay in or out based on the weather. Cool to warm, plus sunshine, equals both dogs stay out and sleep in the sun. Bones always wants to be outside unless it is pouring rain. Spock stays out for a few minutes and either pouts on the futon or scratches at the door to be let back in. If the weather's bad, they gingerly go potty, then both come back in and go back to bed. Jerks. When it's time for me to leave for work at 8:30, they get a treat, then go kennel.

My boyfriend works from home a lot and has half days on Fridays, so sometimes they just stay in bed with him or only stay in the kennel for 2-3 hours. Else, they're in there until he comes home at 4pm or thereabouts.

I come home at 6:15pm and get puppy mobbed. Then Bones wants out and Spock stays at my feet until dinner time. If any human is eating, the dogs beg for food (which they never get). I feed them at 7. They go out for a while after that, then Spock comes in. If we watch TV and they're both inside, Bones sleeps in our laps on the main couch and Spock pouts from the love seat; else, they're playing and wrestling, and the sound of the growling drowns out the good parts of House. If I'm on the computer, Spock sleeps on the red couch and Bones sleeps in her daddy's computer chair, chews on a bone, goes outside, or runs around the house whining, occasionally getting Spock to play with her. My boyfriend and I play with Spock every so often and try to entice Bones into playing (she never has played with people very much).

Around 10pm or so, they go outside for the last time that night (usually followed by one more hopeful trip sometime after 11, We went out again, can we have more treats?), do some tricks, get a treat, and then it's off to bed. Bones burrows under the covers, then pops out for some water, then lays on top of the covers, then crawls back under. Spock nestles in the middle of the bed and growls when Bones comes up to the top to nudge her way under the covers again. Sometimes he gets annoyed and sleeps on the floor beside me on the robe lying next to the bed.

The weekends are much like this, in that my alarm clock is turned off before it rings more often than not. They are in their kennels whenever my boyfriend and I go to brunch on Sunday mornings, if we have to go to Lowe's (always an hourlong trip), run errands, etc. They would stay outside more often while we were gone if Bones was not such a howler. The dogs spend loads of time outside when we're home. Twice a month or more often, we go to the pet store on a weekend day, and they get Greenies treats.
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Bodie usually gets up between 6-7 and is let outside in the backyard. He's more or less free to roam around provided he's not being too loud. If he does, it's into the dog run. Neither one of us give him much play time in the mornings. When it's time to leave we'll put him in the dog run where he is until we get home from work.

In the evening we let him out and play with him right away. If we're doing stuff around the house Bodie will be nearby playing/sleeping. After dinner we'll take him for a walk. Later in the evenings we'll play with Bodie while watching TV. This more or less continues until bedtime.
I try not to have too strict a routine in case it needs to change for whatever reason, that way the dog's don't stress out if things are different.

Basically - during the week I'll get up around 7am, feed the three dogs and the cat, two of the dogs I have a specific training routine I do when I feed them. Then I get ready for work and put the dogs outside (or leave them in if someone else is home).

When I come home from work I might take them for a walk, I will do some training at some point too. I am doing a training program with Daisy that means we train at least once a day, and once a week I will film an update and send it to my trainer for some feedback. At some point during the night I'll feed all the animals dinner.

On the weekends it is much more relaxed and we have no set routine, although I usually do a training update video on Sat/Sun afternoon. We might go to the park, or the beach, or do something doggy related like go to lurecoursing/canine event/play date with some friends who also have dogs etc.
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I work shiftwork so if I am on days, I leave for work before anyone else is up (around 6:30am), including Winston. The odd time he does get up with me, he goes back to bed with the hubby as soon as I leave. I don't get home until after 7pm so who knows what Winston really did all day.

Although I hear he makes several trips to the lumber yard, goes to work at a construction site and after school he gets to go for a walk and have a cookie.

No wonder by the time I get home he's laying on the deck fast asleep.

If I am on nights, he'll either sleep with me or visit lumber yards again and go to work with dad.

On the days I am home, after everyone is off to work or school, we usually go for a walk, then he sleeps alot of the afternoon, and then he gets his after school walk/play and a cookie, and an evening walk if the weather is fine, or playtime in the house.
Some days we pick up his little friend Fuji the Shih Tzu and take him home to play with us.
Some evenings, he'd just rather chew on a bone.

Sometimes on days off we go to a nearby valley to walk the trails as long as weather is decent.

Nope, nothing is routine around here.
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I am new to this...this is how it's going so far, don't forget Rocky is young...11 weeks!

Monday -Thursday and the last Friday of the month I am at work so he spends his day in the crate sleeping and my son comes home on his lunch for a potty break. Every morning he gets brought to bed by hubby before he leaves for work around 6 and we have a bit more sleep. When I get up around 6:30 I take him to wake up the kids, one at a time, while I get ready for work. We go downstairs no later than 7:15 and he goes outside, then has his breakfast as the kids and I get breakfast and make lunches. Usually he's roaming while we do this, occasionally chasing one of the kittens, but if he starts getting into too much stuff, I tether him to my waist. A last potty break, short walk if there's time, and at 7:45 he's in the crate and we're out the door. The kids are home at 2:35, he gets taken out immediately and when I get home just before 3 he's usually finding things to get into, and he greets me quite happily! He gets some playtime from anyone who is willing, I will do the occasional recall to keep him nearby and on his toes. He goes outside many times between 3 and 5:30, sometimes to just play or lay in the sun. He eats when we eat-I am hoping to reduce the future begging! Outside, walk, playtime, it varies. Final piddle between 10:30 and 11, then it's bed time!

Weekends are much more relaxed with more outside time and a couple of walks. Since we're home more he is also in his crate less on the weekends. On my Fridays off, it's pretty much the same as a weekend, but it's only me with him all day.

I am sure this will change as he grows up!
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Bob- great description!

Here's our normal day during the week...

Everyone is sound asleep.


Jason's alarm goes off and as soon as it beeps Daisy and Rocky are on the bed practically screaming that it's time to eat. Jason gets up and feeds them and then takes a shower.


My alarm goes off... no doggie mugging because by now the pups have already eaten and are asleep again.


Jason leaves for work. The dogs are asleep.


The pups wake up and go outside to potty and play for a while and do the typical beagle things: sniffing for birds, lizards, the rabbit that lives out there, anything else that moves...


The dogs come in (if they haven't already) and they get their you better behave speech and a treat.

I go to work. Daisy and Rocky have the run of the house.

Some days I get home for lunch, but most days I don't unfortunately. So the pups are on their own until I get home at about 4:20pm. We're looking for our own house now and when we do we'll be setting up some kind of a run so they can have access to the outside. That way they don't have to hold it all day.


Dinner time for the pups!! They love that part of the day.


Time for a jog! Me and the pups go for our daily walk/job.

The evening is a mixture of playing, ball chasing, bird chasing.


The dogs are passed out...


Jason and I are passed out...

Over the weekend the pups are pretty much in and out all day. If the day is nice we just leave the back door open and they come and go as they please. Their internal clocks are set to eat at 5:30 so at 5:30 on the weekend, even without the alarm, they're getting us up to feed them. LOL
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LOL, Coco just sleeps, walks & eats all day
Like me, lol.
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