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Two beagles, one toddler on an 18 hour drive

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Any advice before I start this adventure?? Room will be tight in the car, but stops will be frequent. I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to it!! Any good doggie travel games? Any good discoveries you have found that making traveling with dogs easier???

I think the toddler is easier than the beagles! He is pretty content with a movie!
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I would put them both in a kennel (each in his own), but close together. Put in each crate a favorite toy, and a comfy blanket.
Stop every couple of hours for potty and enjoy the ride
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Ours stay in their bed and sleep 95% of the drive. The back seat of the truck flips up (crew cab) and their bed gets put on the floor. Toss a couple blankets there so Josie can burrow and she is good. Charlie gets antsy for the first 15 minutes or so, then sleeps.
I did a 16 hour drive with two beagles. Cleo was perfect and slept in the back, and Tucker was horrible. He gets a little car sick so he is a pill in the car. Ended up having to put him in the front seat and whoever wasn't driving sat in the back with Cleo. Our vet recomended Dramamine for him. You need to talk to your vet to make sure of the dose and what kind to get. There are various formula's and you need a specific one.
Our two are great on journeys. They share a large cage and sleep most of the way. We stop every couple of hours to exercise them, feed them and give them a drink.Make sure they are on the lead before you let them out of the car.
Originally Posted By: Brien & Bodie
Do you have a roof rack?
Brien you crack me up!

Ours do very well on their rides/trips, but talking with your vet about Dramamine may not be a bad idea just in case.
Luckily ours do really well on rides/trips as well - they basically just settle down and sleep until they think we are slowing for a rest stop (or, even better, a drive through!), but I would definitely arrange to have something for carsickness if you are not sure about them.

I do find that Booker gets hot quite easily in th car and that is the one thing that can disrupt things a little bit - so I always keep an eye on her to make sure that she is okay and if she seems to be getting warmer I'll open a window for a bit or lower the temperature in the car.
Originally Posted By: Brien & Bodie
Do you have a roof rack?

I wish I had some advice. I've got no human children and a dog that is amazingly well behaved and happy riding in a car. Jersey watches out the window for a while than lays down and sleeps for a while. The only problem I ever have is convincing her to go potty at the rest stops.
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LOL on the roof rack!! Thanks for all the advice!

Toby *was* an excellent traveller! Now, he just wants to prove to Lucky that he has first dibs on the good spots instead of just chilling out like he used to! Lucky has a tendency to get up on my son's car seat to get a better view out of the window!!! My son isn't too crazy about that - LOL! All that said, we did manage to fit both crates into the car this afternoon, so they will be riding in their crates. That definitely makes things easier! I am pregnant, so there will be plenty of rest area stops!!! Hopefully, it will all go well!
No advice, as we rarely travel with the dogs, and didn't travel much when the kids were little, but just wanted to wish you good luck!
Good luck with your journey. Remember that air bags are as dangerous for dogs as for small children so be careful where they sit if they are out of the crates.
Our 2 are not good in the car and make very few car trips. Most car trips for them are a 5 min. drive to the vet. We had to evacuate from a Hurricane a few years ago. Our vet gave us some medication to give them to relax them. They were great travelors with the medication.
Whenever we travel we take a crate and put them both in it in the back seat. They basically sleep the entire way with no troubles. But I know it's not always practical to put a crate in your car, especially if you have a toddler as well.
We survived a trip from Ohio to Virginia, to pick up our load of 3 miniature horses. Then move them to Wyoming.
Then, drive back home to Ohio. All this in August. We still had Kip then, we just put their beds in the back seat of the truck and they slept pretty much the whole way. Lots of stops for potty breaks etc. Kip and I ended up sharing a bottle of Pepto Bismol for heat stress. But, we all lived to tell about it.
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Never thought of the roof rack, but might this next time. Our new car is much smaller than the van, and it might be a trying trip to Austin. Usually, they both have to sit on my lap, but this time, I really do think we are going to lay the seats down and put at least one crate in the blazer's back end....too much bouncing around makes me nervous. Casie drools like crazy when he is nervous, and our vet recommended Dramamine, also. It works!

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Casie and Cobi's mom
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