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Tucker has Arthritus

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Saturday Glenda took Tucker to the vet to get his rabies shot so we could get his license. The vet gave him a well dog exam too. He noticed that there was a few places where he was sensitive to presure so he had Tuck come in this morning for an x-ray. Well the results are back and he has arthritus in his back.
This actually explains a lot of stuff. He has been reluctant to jump on an off of things lately and he also has been taking breaks on walks. Looks like it was because his back hurts. The x-ray also found a small piece of metal in his stomach. It looks like it is on its way out the back door so we will need to watch to make sure it comes out. Hopefully we can get his arthritus under control and he will be back to his old self.
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I didn't read through all the posts to you about Tucker, but what about water therapy? I was just at the doc's for my own arthritis in the knees, and he suggested swimming as a non-weight bearing exercise. Is there a place near you that will allow for dogs to be in the water? As the lake water gets warmer, you could take him for walks in the shallow part of the lake, or even a warm bathtub. Ideally, there are some vets who have put in large cattle tubs around here, with warm water that is deep enough so that the dog's legs are covered, and there is a harness that keeps them from falling into the water...then they move the dogs legs like a treadmill would...google water therapy for dogs, and they have a thread or several about this treatment. Gives some relief to the dogs as it does humans.

Good luck, and don't forget there's always DMSO if you can stand the smell of garlic.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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