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Tucker has Arthritus

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Saturday Glenda took Tucker to the vet to get his rabies shot so we could get his license. The vet gave him a well dog exam too. He noticed that there was a few places where he was sensitive to presure so he had Tuck come in this morning for an x-ray. Well the results are back and he has arthritus in his back.
This actually explains a lot of stuff. He has been reluctant to jump on an off of things lately and he also has been taking breaks on walks. Looks like it was because his back hurts. The x-ray also found a small piece of metal in his stomach. It looks like it is on its way out the back door so we will need to watch to make sure it comes out. Hopefully we can get his arthritus under control and he will be back to his old self.
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Sorry to hear about Tucker - but hopefully you can find something that helps with the arthritis. We are big fans of Recovery SA in that regard - our vet suggested we try it for Booker a few years ago when she started to show some signs of arthritis (I won't say she was slowing down because her speed has never been anything remotely considered fast...) and it has made a huge difference for her.
Originally Posted By: Tucker's DadWell, Tucker has been on Recovery SA for several weeks now and he is doing great. We have slowly been increasing the dosage and are up to 1/2 tsp a day. He is dancing for dinner again. He also has been getting the zoomies. He still hesitates a little jumping, but he has always done that.

Thanks for all the advice.
I'm so glad Recovery SA is working for Tucker! His reaction to it sounds SO much like Booker's - it was like she became noticeably younger again in front of our eyes, and her eyes got the sparkle back in them that had been missing for a bit! She has been on it for over two years now and it is still doing wonders for her. Yay for Tucker!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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