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I took the Beaglebratz out one last time before we head for bed. Finally, we came in and I thought - "Ah, now I can finally get to bed (yea, right). The Beaglebratz decide it's time to turn the livingroom floor into an obstacle course but first, Shasta enticed Shiloh to follow her by grabbing the liitle Teddy Bear toy and shoving it in his face. Of course, you can't ignore that - or he couldn't anyone so around the livingroom they zoomed then jump up on the sofa then back down and a figure-eight around the rocker then back up on the couch - oh, now it's time for a little tug o'war with the toy then more zooming. I finally got the toy away from Shasta (I know, I'm such a party pooper sometimes). I told them, "Hey you two - time for bed. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, you could zoom all nite. Finally, while I'm here typing - they are on MY bed, sound asleep - which is where I'm headed too. G'nite all.
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