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Travelling with your dog

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I am at the moment planning my next trip to Europe where I will be going in April to participate in a seminar in Salzburgh, Austria. Yes I know, Mozart's City...I can't wait!
Anyway, a big part of the seminar is on "Travelling with your dog, a Physical and Psychological Concern".
Sooooo... if you have any questions you would like answered, please, don't hesitate to pass them on, I will be happy to ask on your behalf and to give you a full report upon my return.
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Have a great time, we live about two and half hours drive from Salzburg, it is a great town.

Susi and Snoopy are good travellers, but on our last trip with the camper-car, they soiled all the bedding we had on board! We think they were unhappy being away from home, having only been rescued a year earlier. We cut the trip short but have a long one ahead of us in April. It will be too late for your seminar to know how they will be on this coming trip, but it would stll be interesting to know what people think there. Our two peed in the house when we got home, but are now clean again. I have to admit I am worried about subjecting them to another upset, but we have to see the family as my mother is old and sick. Last summer when we were over, Susi peed within half an hour of arriving at my sisters, on her best carpet, so this time we plan to sleep in the camper-car in my sisters drive and only take the dogs into the kitchen/dining area, which is tiled!!! Anyway good luck with your trip.
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We went camping last October 2006 on our trip from our home in Texas and went on to Pennsylvania and to Alabama. Bailey was 10 months old at the time and he really enjoyed the trip and we never had no problem with him at all on the trip and he was so good. We going on another trip next month to Alabama to visit my younger daughter and we all going to the campground at Lake Martin in Wind Creek.He will be 15 months old the first of March.
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