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We've just adopted a 7 month old puppy from a breeder and he's been used to being around other dogs constantly so we're now dealing with some seperation issues. It's still early days but conscious that these things can develop into larger problems. He's not too bad at night, he's sleeping in a crate but we've had some whining and complaining and digging, etc. usually settles down (eventually), but we've had a few rough nights.

During the day though, he's in a pen when one of us can't supervise him and typically we're close by in another room. Today he went nuts though, jumping and yelping and crashing against his pen. I waited for him to settle a bit and went into the room. I ended up having to put him in his crate. First time I've heard yelping, barking and howling even though I was just in the next room.

I'm concerned I might be setting a bad precedent though and maybe aren't being consistent enough and perhaps he should always be in his crate when we're not in the room or house?

Some other background. He's very happy when we are around in the same room or close by as long as he's not confined. I've tried giving him pig/cows ears to chew on as a distraction but he just wants to bury these and that seems to make him more stressed. I'm guessing he used to burying his food because of being in a multi-dog household previously? Other suggestions on toys/chews that distract but he doesn't want to bury? I have a Kong and might try the peanut butter trick but other suggestions welcome.

Also, we're not convinced he likes his bed. It's basically a soft crate liner, kinda like a soft mattress with sides. When he's with us in the lounge room at night he constantly shifts from another more plush bed to just the hard floor, so not sure if this is because he slept on a hard surface at his previous home? Should we maybe just try towel in his crate?

Any advice would be great, trying not to create a rod for our own backs. Whilst I've had other dogs before never a Beagle and I know seperation can be a big deal for them.
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