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Hi, all! One of my 2007 resolutions is to meet with a lawyer to prepare a will. I would really appreciate your input on what, for me, is a difficult thing to think about, i.e., who will take care of Maggie if something should happen to me. I do want to designate a caretaker for Maggie in my will. My two best friends, both of whom have had dogs (but not beagles) in the past, have offered their homes but I have reservations about both situations. One does not believe in having a dog inside the house -- the only way I can currently bring Maggie to their house is if I am willing to leave her on the porch. The other would have no problem having Maggie in the house but lives in a very tumultuous environment. FYI, my friends are my "family". Whomever I decide on, I would designate money be set aside for Maggie's care. Is anyone in a similar situation? Have you thought about this at all? Suggestions and alternatives would be very much appreciated.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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