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How many of your Beagles do touch tag*think that's what it's called*? anyhow it's where if a dog is not playing or running around your Beagle barks wags tail touches the other dogs side of butt like a play nip, to get them going? Run he says, well Charlie tends to do this, and as much as I don't like it sometimes cause He thinks all dogs get his personality and know what he wants, HOWEVER sometimes there are dogs that don't like it and don't know what or why he's doing it, and will get very aggressive, Charlie has been attacked on a few occassions, No He won't fight back, He does not understand why he was attacked, kinda has a confused look....and walks away to the next dog that will accept his type of play. and when the dog accepts and understands his play, THEY RUN LIKE MAD TOUCH TAGGING EACHOTHER, that is the times I think it's cute, Hey Charlie you found a friend that's as strange as you are.

P.S CHARLIE LOVES To do this to much larger dogs *fingers crossed they like it*

Normally the dogs that don't accept this type of play, are dogs that are more into playing with the owner and fetching their balls back and forth, not really wanting to socialize with other dogs.

Well I know a lot of people won't like what I have to say, BUT why the heck are the dogs that don't socailize with other dogs but their owners and balls, go to parks where other dogs are. Perhaps also, they should warn us the dog is not friendly.......Hmmm. my penny cents:)

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