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Originally Posted By: BeagleWeegle

Well I know a lot of people won't like what I have to say, BUT why the heck are the dogs that don't socailize with other dogs but their owners and balls, go to parks where other dogs are. Perhaps also, they should warn us the dog is not friendly.......Hmmm. my penny cents:)
Because dog parks aren't just about dogs playing with each other.

They are off leash areas where owners are able to exercise their dogs off leash. They aren't just restricted to dogs who want to play with other dogs, someone who wants to throw the ball for their dog has as much right to use an off leash area as you do.

My beagle doesn't really care for other dogs - she would much rather play with me or have her nose on the ground scenting! She wouldn't appreciate an over eager dog jumping on her or nipping her on the back side if she wasn't interested, but that doesn't make her aggressive.

I would take a dog that prefers to spend it's time with me, over a dog who is more interested in playing with other dogs, any day
Every one has a right to use off leash areas as long as their dogs are under effective control.

ETA: I don't want every dog under the sun to play with my dog, and one of my biggest pet hates are owners whose dogs are over excited/rough/dominant/misbehaved etc and harrass all the other dogs in the park, and tell me that their dog is just trying to play/say hello when it's clearly terrorising all the other dogs there. My dog doesn't like strange dogs that get in her face, jump on her, dominate her, hump her etc.

As it stands we rarely use the off leash area as almost every time we go in, a dog tries to pin Daisy to the ground, bite her, hump her, growl at her etc. Sometimes I would love to take her to the off leash park to work on her training but again, there are too many owners there who think they own the park and if my dog doesn't want to play with every dog there then she shouldn't be there.

Instead we often train on leash outside the dog park so that we don't have to deal with all the misbehaved dogs there.
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