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I just joined a couple of weeks ago to get more info on beagles. Toby is about 5 months now and healthy. picked him up at the local shelter cause my first beagle died from distemper.
bought him from a local petstore go figure... Amazingly he doesnt really eat that much(less than 2 cups daily) but looks to be a +13 beagle. He is pretty much house broken, knows how to use the doggy door, and loves to play with other dogs! picture posted is when i first got him, about 10 weeks old. hes about double the size now!
Ive been reading a lot on food and i recently put him on Innova EVO beef flavor. hes been getting this rash/bump on his back right leg and not sure what hes allergic to yet. hopefully the new food will help. hes on frontline and heartgard every month but does he really need multivitamin as well? he's also terrified of water.
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