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Toby learnt to puke in our bathtub!

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Hi all,

It all started when he was trying to puke one morning, mind you we live on the 29th floor of a condo so when he has to puke we have no choice but to carry him into the bathtub. We did that several times and I guess toby eventually got the hang of it. One morning he jumped in the tub by himself and puked right there. Very smart. We trained him without realizing it, ever since he's been doing that when he has a bowel emergency.

I know it sounds gross but we don't have a choice either the elevator or our bathtub.

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If only we could train them to use the toilet!
What a smart guy!!!
Originally Posted By: RosColeIf only we could train them to use the toilet!
it's been done, actually.


I wish I could teach Jersey to do that. She likes to hide in a closet or corner when she pukes. Almost always in the guest room which means that we don't always find it until a day or two later. Yuuuckkk.
Originally Posted By: SandyjSure beats having to clean it off floors and/or carpets!
I agree!!
Toilet!!!! Nice...but tub is as good as it gets!
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WOW, very impressive...wish mine could learn a trick or two
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Beagles are just way too smart
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