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Tick Season

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Hi All!!

I'm just reminding everyone to make sure your pups are protected from those nasty fleas and ticks.
I found two ticks so far on Maggie(luckly she's a Lemon, so they are easy to spot). So this morning before we left for work, we went out and sprayed the yard for those little buggers and gave her,Jasmine and Mick their Frontline. Hopefully no more will hop aboard. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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Dixie has a vet visit tomorrow, i need to see if there is anything i can use while she is still young cause i found afew fleas on her. I was able to pick them off and destroy them,(throw them in a can of gas! lol) but i know she will pick up more around here.
Ours had their frontline in September. Now there is a pause with the ticks.
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