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not a good story, but the dog is okay so far. recovering.

so here is the story,
My aunt has a boyfriend. He has a australian sheppard. dont know the dogs name so we will call her Lucky.

so the boyfriend has a daughter in the hospital in seattle,
she has terminal brain cancer, 30+ year old.

he goes to visit her now that she is on her death bed, every day for a week or so.

no sitter for lucky so he takes lucky with, and from time to time, takes her out to go potty.
well the hospital is in downtown seattle, and there is lots of construction going on so a lot of the concrete jersey barriers. to get to the grass in many cases, the dog has to hop over a jersey barrier.

so day 4 or 5, he takes the dog for a walk, it is beautiful and he needs to unwind a little. he goes to the top floor of the parking garage where there is suprisingly no cars, and its nice. so he lets the dog off leash to run around and play a little. as he is enjoying the scenery, he hears a scream, he looks around. no dog.
he runs over to where the scream came from and he learns that his dog jumped over the wall, probably thinking there was grass on the other side. now mind you the wall is 46 tall!!!!
well the fall was aproximately 32' to the sidewalk.
a lady rushed out from her building, (her mother is a vet) and scooped up the dog and consoled it and tried to calm it down.
they got it to a vet etc. no broken bones, but LOTS of soft tissue muscle and tendon injuries.
he ended up taking it to WSU (across the state) where they operated.
his daughter died that night.

although now he is so focused on getting the dog better, we think it is helping him cope with the loss of the daughter.
but man.... what a scary bummer.
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