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things your beagle has eaten

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thought it would be fun to see what everyone's dog has eaten and or ruined that they shouldn't.homer has eaten
hair rollers
bathroom rug
playing cards
foam ear cover from headphones
2 blankets
emeryboard including the plastic cover
numerous sticks,leaves and bugs
tissues(that fun to clean off the rug....lol)
paper towels
torn many toys and ate the stuffing
toilet paper tubes
he tries to eat the plastic bag hanging over the small garbage can in the office but we stop that when we hear the can sliding on the floor.....lol
and now he is working on towels-he has one covering the pillows in his cage and has started pulling it off and dragging around the house to roll in and when he gets tired of that he pulls and chews at it
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Glad to know Duke isn't the only one with a toilet paper obsession. Just last night, I found darn near a whole roll in the living room floor. I had only left him unattended for 10 minutes!

Other conquests:

My glasses-prescription, of course
Shoes-he hasn't ruined any, but only because we've caught him in time
Stuffed animals
Squeaky toys-he takes the squeaky out
Knee high nylons
Ear plugs
The plant that I'm now convinced is what sent us to emergency vet
Kitty droppings (Ewww!)
His droppings (really Ewww!)
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