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things your beagle has eaten

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thought it would be fun to see what everyone's dog has eaten and or ruined that they shouldn't.homer has eaten
hair rollers
bathroom rug
playing cards
foam ear cover from headphones
2 blankets
emeryboard including the plastic cover
numerous sticks,leaves and bugs
tissues(that fun to clean off the rug....lol)
paper towels
torn many toys and ate the stuffing
toilet paper tubes
he tries to eat the plastic bag hanging over the small garbage can in the office but we stop that when we hear the can sliding on the floor.....lol
and now he is working on towels-he has one covering the pillows in his cage and has started pulling it off and dragging around the house to roll in and when he gets tired of that he pulls and chews at it
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Toilet paper roll
3 pairs of shoes
bills - god know how she got to those... but I guess she was trying to save me some money (
several pens and pencils
stuffed toys
key chain
passport (recently done!!!)
2 shirts
ripped the stuffing from an old couch
my hands (until I finally got her to stop doing that)
and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember at the moment....

I have a
puppy, but I
her anyway...
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I only have two words to add, folks: adult rescue!!! :thumbup:
Quote:Originally posted by judymaggie:
I only have two words to add, folks: adult rescue!!! :thumbup:
Ditto to that! :exactly:
Jersey has been a busy girl over the last two years...let's see if I can remember everything.

-paper towels
-toilet paper
-newspaper/magazines/books - too many to count
-CD's/DVD's - Blockbuster will not charge if the outer case is chewed as long as the DVD itself is still in tact.
-Sharpie Marker
-Shoes - several pairs
-numerous pairs of socks and underwear
-the cable to Mike's Xbox controller
-the vacuum cleaner cord
-the DSL cable
-phone cords
-the rug where it meets the tile
-a comforter
-her puppy bed
-two of her crates (the plastic travel ones) - I had to buy a new one last time because I couldn't get the door to stay closed anymore
-ear plugs
-Lots of dog toys
-the throw rugs in the kitchen
-emory board
-my good Isotoner slippers
-the living room blinds
-the little clear plastic caps from my hairspray
-too much food to list, but her best was probably the home made cheesecake my aunt made and thought was safe cooling on the counter. Jersey jumped on on the chair at the bar and across to the counter to get to it. LOL!
-that thin black guazey stuff that's underneath the box spring
-an Ace bandage
-cardboard boxes - we had just moved into the apartment shortly before I got her. Shehad a field day with the boxes.
-a brand new pair of jeans
-a pair of sweatpants
-a few leashes - thank you Lupine! They mean it when they say they'll replace a leash, even if chewed!
-the first rabies tag she had - yes, she left teeth marks in the metal!
-pot holders
-the sheet that covered the couch

I'm sure that I've left off a few things, but I think I got all the big stuff! LOL! She really tried my patience as a puppy. It's a darn good thing that she's so cute!
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Oh, and when she was a puppy she used to steal Mike's shoes all the time. They were almost as big as she was (he wears a size 13). She'd try to run into her crate with them but the shoes were bigger than the door to her crate so she'd come to a crashing halt when she hit the doorway. She quickly learned to drop it outside the crate, go into it and pull the shoe in behind her that she could get them in there with her. Silly Beagle!
Quote:Originally posted by Chloe's Mommy:
I think you win!!
Most definitely! $45,000!!!!! YIKES! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
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