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I think most dogs have that sense.
When I was in high school we had 4 large dogs & 1 medium older dog. The dogs did not like people coming into the house so we usually put them outside. My grandmother would come over twice a year for Thanksgiving & Christmas. The dogs knew she was okay. I think she must have had a similar smell to us, so she was treated well. When my grandmother got older & started down the road of dementia she had to be cared for more often. When my mom would go out of town I would go over to feed her & make sure all was in order. Jack (one of the 4 big dogs) would go with me on occasion. He had only seen her 2 times a year before this. I took him to this strange house & he was fine. In one of her episodes she thought he was another dog & patted him & talked baby talk to him (Jack didn’t like baby talk). He stiffened up, but didn’t say a word.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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