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They just know !

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The gentle nature of Beagles is what we really love about the breed.

Our first Beagle was my wifes shadow after she had a kidney removed a few ago. She could only rest comfortably in my big brown recliner. Bama was her comforter and protector. He was always in her lap or on the floor next to her. While she was in the hospital, he was not himself. I believe he knew something was wrong.

Through both of my knee surgeries, Bama and Vinny showed a different behavior around me me while I recovered. They would come and lay down next to me when normally they would be off doing something else.

I have a chronic, recurring condition that is extremely painful. Last week I had an episode that was unusally tough. In the midst of my agony, Vinny came in and stood over me and just looked at me. He then decided to lay down as close to me as he could, and put his head on my leg. It was really quite a "kodak moment" one I will never forget.

I don't know how they do it, but they know when comfort and compassion are needed. We will always have a Beagle in our home. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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I know how you feel, somehow my Snoopy always knows when Im sad, he acts different like he knows something is wrong....he loves to snuggle next to both of us, but when Im stressed or there is something wrong, he will just lay on me, like he is trying to comfort me....makes me love him all the more.
When my boyfriend is away, Monty patrols the house before bed time to make sure everything is ok. Then he'll come lie down in his crate, but at the slightest noise, he's up barking, then patrols again before lying down in his crate again. It's really cute, because when my boyfriend is home, Monty just goes in his crate and falls asleep, nothing but the sound of me pouring food in his dish will wake him up!! :slug:
Joe, I know what you mean. Jersey is a very clingy dog by her nature, but when I'm sick or not feeling well (even emotionally), she's right there with me. She really knows when I need a good beagle cuddle. My Amber was very special in that respect as well.
It really is amazing how attuned they are to their people. Nice stories everyone.
I found recently it isn't only me but when my lab was injured recently Sammy was right there to cuddle up and sleep right next to her. It is just a sense they have I guess....
Lucky does the same. He knows just when to come cuddle up next to me and make me feel all better. It's the most comforting feeling having him laying next to me.
Joe, I agree, Beagles are truly therapeutic. Bailey has been there for meon a couple of occassions and especially for my mother. I see her trying to take him with her when she moves out. I'll have to get her a Bailey jr.
Dogs are Good Medicine....The just know....They seem to know when you are achey and will lay snuggled up next to that spot and keep it warm...If you are feeling low, they do something funny to make you feel better....They just know...
Yes, they do know when someone is down or ill. Also amongst themselves. When Susi wasnt well, Snoopy went up to her and licked her face, then he crawled into her bed and cuddled up to her.
I was watching a five-kleenex-movie the other day....Maggie quietly came up on the couch, stared at my face....and gently began to wash the tears away.
So sweet!

I'm sorry you haven't been well Joe. I'm sure Vinny's sensitivity was balm for the soul.
A young girl, only 8, from my school died in a house fire last night. It was a long hard emotional day for all of us. As I was leaving I stopped to talk to one of our tutors and her guide dog. Since all the kids were gone I asked if I could pet the dog which is allowed when the dog is resting and not working. That dog cuddled and cuddled and then laid her head on my shoulder. When I got home and bent down to see Maggie she put her paws on my shoulder and her head cheek to cheek with me and stayed that way a long time. Both of those dogs knew what I needed.
I think most dogs have that sense.
When I was in high school we had 4 large dogs & 1 medium older dog. The dogs did not like people coming into the house so we usually put them outside. My grandmother would come over twice a year for Thanksgiving & Christmas. The dogs knew she was okay. I think she must have had a similar smell to us, so she was treated well. When my grandmother got older & started down the road of dementia she had to be cared for more often. When my mom would go out of town I would go over to feed her & make sure all was in order. Jack (one of the 4 big dogs) would go with me on occasion. He had only seen her 2 times a year before this. I took him to this strange house & he was fine. In one of her episodes she thought he was another dog & patted him & talked baby talk to him (Jack didn’t like baby talk). He stiffened up, but didn’t say a word.
Joe, they DO know, don't they? Beagles (and other dogs too, I'm sure) know when our mood shifts, when we feel down, when we're not well, when we're ready for a romp, etc. Sometimes when I don't feel good, all I have to do is to have my beagle cuddling up to me. Feeling that soft, warm little furry body next to me is more than enough to chase my worries away. :angel:
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