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The whistle

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I have been doing fairly well trining Diggity on "come" and "drop it" but having kids in the house has been hurting things. I want her to really have those commands down-pat before the rest of the family uses them but things weren't going so well. The kids keep saying, "Diggy come! Come! Come Diggy!" over and over and though I keep telling them that they are undoing my training, I still catch them doing it. But if you have kids I'm sure you know, you can't tell them nothin! LOL Anyway, the big one I wanted Diggity to learn was "come" in case she got out. Sure enough, it happened. In the house she did OK when I'd say "come", but this time she just looked at me and kept on going. She mostly just sniffed around the neighbor's yard and the kids caught her but I wanted to have a better recall. Then it hit me. I got a dog whistle and started training her to come when I blew the whistle. This way the kids couldn't undo it because I was the only one to have the whistle (or the wife). The other commands she still does well enough for my wife and I but the kids she could care less. I'm guessing she sees us a dominants and the kids as equals perhaps? Anyhow, I'm really pleased with that whistle. Whenever I use it to keep her in practice inside the house, she runs like a lunatic to come find me and her reward.
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So speaking of the ole come command. I took Sadie out on the neighborhood trail and met my friend and her rottie at the lake. Lots of room for running. I had treats with me and various other items. I have let her run before but not very often because she's a beagle :rolleyes:
Well, I let her run and she was fine at first just playing with Stormie (her rottie friend) and then she decided to go off on her own and just go. So I used the come command and she just looked at me, turned and kept going. I followed her across the field and around a building back to the field and toward where we came from but every time I got within a foot of her she would take off away from me. :angry: So finally, when she was about 3 feet away, I said "I have treats". She stopped and turned to look at me with her whole body. Started to go again and I said "treats". So she stopped and I put the leash on her. So freedom is in the far distance for Sadie as we have A LOT of work with the come command to do. :smack:
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