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Very adorable..you've come to the right place for advice. I hope you remain on the forum..we're just ordinary people with beagles who are taking the time to post advice... that said...Im a puppy survivor.
Good that your dog will be checked by a vet..the sooner the better.
The biting/nipping is not aggression...its what puppies do. Do a word search on this forum for biting, nipping.. i have posted a lot on this topic fairly recently.
Do crate train..you will be happy your dog learns to love it. My dog is now 10.8 yrs old and goes to her crate to sleep on her own.
Keep your dog in a restricted area so your dog doesnt potty in wrong places.
Beagles are not off leash dogs and will run away given the opportunity..hopefully you have a fenced area.
Keep us posted..loved the pictures
Cassie Says Hi
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