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The sniffer switch is ON!

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Wow, sometime during the night Diggity's nose started working. She is sniffing EVERYTHING. I was holding her up by the window (she likes looking out) and she starting sniffing the air all the way towards the bed then over to the tv. My wife had some biscuits on top of the tv and she found them from across the room. She's even smelling her lunch from across the house. Her nose wasn't that sensitive before but it's sure working now! Also, we learned several times today that we can't trust her off-leash anymore. She would normally follow alongside me when we went for a walk. Not anymore. She heads off into the woods or to the neighbor's rabbit hutch. Good thing she responds to "come" but it's a lot harder to get her attention first. Wow, she's gonna be a handful! LOL
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You certainly have a beagle with a nose like that! For this reason please never go out without her on the leash. Too many beagles run off in pursuit of prey, food, and too many land under cars or get shot by hunters.
Sounds like a normal beagle to me. Ours can smell treats and food from the other side of the house.

Ours are very good off leash and they recall best when I use the 'biscuits' command.
I'm with barkingmad; both of mine react fastest to calling "Treat!" or "Breakfast!" or "Dinner!" :p These have worked well even on the occasions they have slipped out of the yard.
I agree with getting them use to the words "treat" "cookie". At times when mine have gotten out of the yard and turn those words off, I keep a leash near the door and once they hear the rattle of that they usually come running... :hi:
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