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So, this weekend I was in my good friend's wedding. I walked their dogs down the aisle. Lincoln, (the one in the tux) was the ring bearer and had the rings tied on a ribbon to the back of his collar. I'm almost positive I've posted pictures of these pups before (Lincoln is Zelda's bf).

I had no idea what these pups would do... one could have tried to go the opposite direction, or even take a washroom break in the middle of the aisle.... but all went very well!! It was rainy all day long, but as soon as the ceremony started, the sun came out (outdoor wedding). Brooklyn did one loud bark as soon as the groom finished his vows... it was hilarious... but she also kept jumping on my lap!! she's quick, too lol but they were such great dogs that day.

Zelda wasn't invited, which was probably a very good idea. lol she's nuts.
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