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I posted this in Lora&Tippi's thread but I thought it is such a great article that some of you would like to read it too.

"This is a development calendar that is the result of many puppy growth & development cycles under observation.

The purpose of this calendar is to be used as a tool or guide for those raising pups to use to identify temperament changes in their pups during development. The reason for such a calendar is that by knowing certain temperament traits are common in all breeds at certain times, this can allow the owner/handler/trainer to allow for certain changes in the pups temperament at certain times..

One important feature that can be of great value are knowing when the "periods of fear" will be present. These are development periods in pups lives that see the pups' thresholds to negative, often nervous behaviours, lowered..."


I think this is a great article that is great to keep in mind when training our puppies/young adult dogs!
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