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What usually happens at night is I go to bed and my husband stays up watching tv. Before he comes to bed he lets the 3 dogs out. He then gates the girls in the kitchen and Mick can come in the other room and sleep.

Well he is able to get Mick and Jasmine out,but Maggie runs down the hall to our bedroom and hides on my side of the bed. She's not cowering or afraid but its almost like I don't want to go in the kitchen, I want to sleep in here.
And no matter what he temps her with (Cookies, treats) she won't budge from her hiding spot.

Well my husband and I are getting a kick out of this. He says he can see her looking and the minute he gets closer she puts her head down and hides.

We use to let them sleep with us, but with two beagles, two cats and two humans a queen size bed becomes a little tight. Plus we all know how beagles sleep..... They all of a sudden become the size of a Great Dane in bed... So in the kitchen they have their beds and they don't cry when their in there, they actually cry more when they are left out and not on the bed with us.

And who says beagle aren't smart.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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