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We get half-pint milk cartons with our Meals On Wheels which we don't always use. On my way to put them in the fridge I dropped one on the floor. My lazy Daisy grabbed it like a lightning flash
and sprinted out to the yard. There she was walking back and forth with the green and white milk carton, looking at me over her shoulder Oh, oh mom's looking at me. She slinked around the bushes and behind the shed looking guilty but victorious!!

She hid it somewhere and somehow got the other milk carton. This, too, she carried outside and hid. Now, I see her moving those milk cartons from place to place every day. She actually digs a hole and buries them.

She's going to get a nasty surprise when they start to disintegrate and sour milk squirts into her mouth

I have to laugh every time I see her transfer her booty from place to place!!

Monica and Daisy
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