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The look of evil (AKA crazy beagle!)

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I got a new camera today and used the dogs as practice models. They love posing, daisy especially. The pics cracked me up, especially this one - a real evil beagle look!!

Back to posing:

Crazy face again!

Looking serious:

Daisy loves the camera!!!
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Originally Posted By: Joe BeaglesNice pics. I don't see where the evil look is though. Love the last one!

Photo tip: when shooting dogs or children, take the shot from thier eye level, not looking down at them. It gives a more realistic perspective.
It's in those crazy eyes in the first pic! LOL!

Thanks for the tip
I'll give it ago tomorrow when I'm playing with my camera again, although I imagine it works well if your object is still for more than one hundredth of a second :lol: You should have seen my outtakes, lots of blurry beagle!

I wasn't going to show this pic, as its not a beagle, but I think its so beautiful
It's my husky boy:

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Thanks everyone! I just got a little slimline canon ixus 80
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