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The LONG awaited day has come...whoo hooo

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Welcome to the BW family, Marbles!!!

Snoopy isnt sure what to think though...hehe

Marbles is a red/white almost 6 months old. We got him yesterday and have had our eye on him for a few weeks. He is crate trained...whoo hooo...was suppose to be working on house training.

Here is when my ?'s begin.

It makes no sense to me that I walk him to pee, he does really well, bring him back in and he pee's another 5 times in the house...within 30mins!!! I took him out 5 times in 4 hours this am...does this make sense (but we just got him yesterday, maybe he doesnt know this is 'home' b/c we know he can hold it 12 hours.) Vet doesnt think UTI.

Ok, now it is great he will go into the crate..but I cant leave the room w/o him wining, even if Snoops is in the room with him...he just got so attached to me.

....so how am i going to train him so I can leave him alone for 3 hours???? I dread this one..should I just start to leave at 10-15mins at a time now or wait until he gets to know us, maybe another week, then start trying?

Last, Snoopy is JEALOUS!!!! Big time. They did a zoomie last night, but since, the pup can have any treat, esp a chew bone or Snoopy attacks the pup....now Marbles is scarred of Snoopy. I even bought them their own bones, gave it to the seperately, snoopy still attacked Marbles...so I put Marbles in the crate so he could chew it...when Marbles left, Snoops went in and got it out :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

Ahhh...i have been wanting to post this topic for so long but we wanted to wait to move to California, then we were going to wait until the new year, but we just had to get this one.

Manda, Snoops, and Marbles
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Congratulations to you guys and welcome to BW Marbles !!!

He sure is gorgeous !!!
Congrats Manda! Marbles is a very handsome boy! I'm sure that Snoopy will adapt to his new brother soon.

As for the Peanuts connection. I'd never heard of Marbles either so I did some research. According to Wikipedia...

Marbles, reputedly the smartest of the siblings, is a spotted beagle whose one appearance in the comic strip was in a September 1982 story arc. He also appeared in the 1991 animated feature Snoopy's Reunion, and in a flashback from I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, when Charlie Brown was talking to Rerun about Snoopy's siblings. Marbles plays the banjo.
Ah Hellen, now I know why one of our Snoopys brothers is called Spike!!! his other brother (still behind bars, as is Spike) is called Feivel, any connection there?

Amanda, hope things are going well now?.
I agree with everybody else -- Marbles is absolutely gorgeous! :bounce2:

Monica and Daisy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Hey guys,
Just another update,
Marbles is doing great, there are still some major dominace issues and Snoopy really doesnt pay much attention to him, he is more about protecting 'his' toys and getting our attention, although we pay him A LOT of attention now.

As for the neutered ?...Snoopy is, and Marbles will be in the next month. I highly believe in neutering/spaying..there are too many rescuses out there...could this be the issue when he is so young?

Smeagle...he does look like your beagle...but yours has the face of a bit of English beagle in him? I love that face...Marbles will likely look like the hunting american beagle when he gets older.

Hellen Louise...Jen n Jersey is right on about the history of Marbles,....mostly Spike and Belle are names...Marbles is there but not mentioned but a few times...so how did we know about Marbles...hehe...dont tell Ron, but he is a Peanuts addict..hehe...*shhhhhh*

Jen N Jersey..thanks for giving the info on the name..i tried to look up pics, but there just are none on the internet that I can find

Manda, Snoops, and Marbles
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Welcome, Marbles! You are sure a handsome boy.

On the house-training: When we were in the training stage with Lucy and then Flora, the trainers would remind us that dogs do not generalize the way humans do. So especially at a young age, a puppy can learn not to pee in a certain house, and not realize that people mean that to apply to all houses. Or "don't pee on carpet" could be learned, without the reference to a house. Flora learned to go potty on snow (we got her as a rescue puppy in January), and we had problems once spring came, and the snow left.

I agree with the earlier posts, to just start at the beginning like with a young puppy, and consistancy and time will do the rest.
Wow, Marbles is one fabulous-looking lemon!!! Congratulations on your new addition :happyhappy:
Quote:Originally posted by Pegasus:

Smeagle...he does look like your beagle...but yours has the face of a bit of English beagle in him? I love that face...Marbles will likely look like the hunting american beagle when he gets older.
LOL, sorry I should have said that a bit clearer - I mean his face markings are a bit similar (except daisy only has one brown patch :p )

We live in Australia so our lines are more like the english lines than the american ones. Daisy's breeder imports a few dogs from the UK for her breeding program so Daisy's lines have quite a strong UK influence.

It is amazing how their head shapes can change over time!
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