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Quote:Originally posted by Hellen Louise:
Go outside with him and stay with him dont come in till he has done his business and praise him to high heaven maybe have a word for him to go toilet ie go wees wees, busy busy, poos poss, hurry up.
Firstly, congratulations on Marbles. I'm sure it will take some time before things get fully into the groove and Snoops gets used to the idea of having him around, but I'm sure with time they will become best buddies. Fingers crossed.

And just a note on the word you chose to get him to go outside - if you live in an even remotely urban area make sure you give a bit of thought to what you choose and ensure is is something that won't be too embarrassing to say out loud in public all the time! Booker came with "go potty" so we have always used that, which isn't too bad, but I have heard other people using some doozies in passing over the years!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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