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The LONG awaited day has come...whoo hooo

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Welcome to the BW family, Marbles!!!

Snoopy isnt sure what to think though...hehe

Marbles is a red/white almost 6 months old. We got him yesterday and have had our eye on him for a few weeks. He is crate trained...whoo hooo...was suppose to be working on house training.

Here is when my ?'s begin.

It makes no sense to me that I walk him to pee, he does really well, bring him back in and he pee's another 5 times in the house...within 30mins!!! I took him out 5 times in 4 hours this am...does this make sense (but we just got him yesterday, maybe he doesnt know this is 'home' b/c we know he can hold it 12 hours.) Vet doesnt think UTI.

Ok, now it is great he will go into the crate..but I cant leave the room w/o him wining, even if Snoops is in the room with him...he just got so attached to me.

....so how am i going to train him so I can leave him alone for 3 hours???? I dread this one..should I just start to leave at 10-15mins at a time now or wait until he gets to know us, maybe another week, then start trying?

Last, Snoopy is JEALOUS!!!! Big time. They did a zoomie last night, but since, the pup can have any treat, esp a chew bone or Snoopy attacks the pup....now Marbles is scarred of Snoopy. I even bought them their own bones, gave it to the seperately, snoopy still attacked Marbles...so I put Marbles in the crate so he could chew it...when Marbles left, Snoops went in and got it out :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

Ahhh...i have been wanting to post this topic for so long but we wanted to wait to move to California, then we were going to wait until the new year, but we just had to get this one.

Manda, Snoops, and Marbles
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Oh my god..... he is adorable, beautiful and looks like he is going to be Snoops best friend. It may not look like it right now, but I'm just sure of it!!! :bounce: Congratulations Amanda and Snoopy :bounce: and welcome to the pack Marbles (love the name BTW) :heart:
He is absolutely beautiful! :bounce: Welcome to BW marbles! :bounce2:
welcome! Congrats. I love to see other red and whites like my loverboy.

When he pees outside, does he squat to quick and not pee all the way? Marley did this a few times, did not empty his bladder fully because he was too interesting in playing or smelling something. He also peed in the house due to getting scared, even though I had just taken him out, he peed as soon as I closed the crate door, I went out with him again, back into the crate - still peed it was like 5 times within 10 minutes because we were out and back in again. He was just so nervous.

Anyway, I already want another one but Marley is only 6mths old and hubby would not have it /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Conrats, good luck
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Congrats Amanda on the new addition! Surely Marbles and Snoopy (and your family) will have to get used to the new living arrangements. It will take some time and patience, but once things settle down, you will find two dogs are twice as good!
Marbles is a good-looking fellow. I love his color and markings. :heart: Things should settle down before long. Don't forget to lavish lots of attention on Snoopy during the transitional period.
Hi Congrats on Marbles, he is sooo cute.

Ref toilet training go right back to the beginning and treat him if he were a 8 week old puppy. Go outside with him and stay with him dont come in till he has done his business and praise him to high heaven maybe have a word for him to go toilet ie go wees wees, busy busy, poos poss, hurry up.

He will eventually get the message. Ref crate training, try little and often, myabe feed the puppy in there, leave him with a kong for ten minutes so he associates it with feeling happy.

Lastly jelousy. beagles do suffer from jelousy. Mine all do. Can you put the puppy in a puppy pen and let them be in the same room but not in each others faces or walk them together, I'll have a think about this I am sure others will have ideas
Congratulations!!!!! :bounce: :bounce2:
Marbles is beautiful.
Jealousy will have to be watched, dont leave them alone in a room, without Marbles being in a crate. Have they been neutered? Two males could result in them fighting for their domane. Give Snoopy a lot of love but be firm when he attacks Marbles. Feed them their meals in different rooms, our Snoopy soon learnt that his bowl is the one in the lounge and Susi's is in the kitchen. He is allowed to lick hers once she has finished. Take them for walks together, Snoopy will feel left out if you go with just Marbles.
Eventually they should at least tolerate one another but I am sure they will infact become good friends. Good luck. :heart:
Marbles is adorable! Where did he come from? What is his story? :bounce2:

I'm sorry that the beginning has been so bumpy. But he is still very "new" and Snoops has had his own issues and baggage in the past so it isn't a big surprise that Snoops is feeling a bit threatened or jealous.

I like Hellen's advice to start over as if he were an 8 week old puppy. And make his crate a "happy" place to be.

I think that although this new beginning is tough, it will fall into place. It will.

Never mind my last post--here are the pictures and answers to my questions! :smack: Marbles is lovely!! Perfect name, and so cute!! He's gonna be a big boy, it looks like. Love the shot of the two of them, with Snoopy not quite knowing what to make of the newcomer!! Welcome, Marbles!
Welcome Marbles!!!! You're very hamdsom.
Welcome to BW, Marbles!! You are a very handsome boy. Manda -- can't help you with current issues -- it's been way too long since I've had to deal with similar ones but, as you know, you will get great advice from others.
Welcome Marbles! :wave:
What an adorable puppy Marbles is :heart: Welcome to BW.
Quote:Originally posted by Hellen Louise:
Go outside with him and stay with him dont come in till he has done his business and praise him to high heaven maybe have a word for him to go toilet ie go wees wees, busy busy, poos poss, hurry up.
Firstly, congratulations on Marbles. I'm sure it will take some time before things get fully into the groove and Snoops gets used to the idea of having him around, but I'm sure with time they will become best buddies. Fingers crossed.

And just a note on the word you chose to get him to go outside - if you live in an even remotely urban area make sure you give a bit of thought to what you choose and ensure is is something that won't be too embarrassing to say out loud in public all the time! Booker came with "go potty" so we have always used that, which isn't too bad, but I have heard other people using some doozies in passing over the years!
Marbles is adorable!! :heart: Snoppy has the same look that Hunter did when we brought Casey home.Lol
Hey guys,
Thanks for all your responses.

As to answer some questions.

Marbles name is from the Peanut character, Snoopy's lemon brother. We always said if we got a lemon or red/white, we would name him Marbles, but not many people get the name.

We got him from a lady here in CA that did beagle rescue for many years. She now does some showing of dogs as well.

I felt very comfortable with her and she seemed very picky about who she would give her dogs too and I had a 2 hour phone interview with her, but a lot of is was about beagle rescue, ect. He is not a rescue but did come from the beagles she has there. Again, we really wanted a dog that was not abused, hurt, or unsocialized b/c we hope he will show confidence to Snoops eventually...but if it doesnt happen it is ok too.

We are definately giving lots of love to Snoopy. Sometimes we walk them together, sometimes seperately. The pup needs to be walked so much right now and with him just learning to walk on leash it is tough with them both, but we are trying to love Snoopy just as much as the little one.

Ron left the pup alone for about 20mins today while walking Snoops. He wined for about 10mins then did ok...it is a start!

He is so attached already, it is amazing to have a puppy.

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OMG!!! Marble is a STUNNER! Tan and whites are my favourite /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

He looks like a really nicely bred boy, his head is a bit similar to my beagle's. How old is he? He looks like he will be a nice big boy!

Daisy says a big beagle hello to the new boy on the block /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

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I'd never heard of Marbles being Snoopy's brother. (We collect vintage Snoopy memorabilia and books/comics)

The names of Snoopys others brothers are Spike (the mexican one who lives in a cactus in the desert), Olaf (the plump one), Andy (the scruffy one) and Snoopys sister being Belle.

Woodstock is Snoopys little yellow bird friend. Woodstock has other little Woodstock type friends called Wilson, Conrad, Oliver, Harriet.

(Very sad I know to know such snoopy trivia). What I like about Snoopy is the many different personalities of snoopy.

BTW Marbles is a stunner!!!
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