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So I was trying to watch some reruns of The Office on TBS and Hailey was running back and forth across the couch. Normally this means she wants to go out, so I take her out and she does her business, but when we come back in she resumes zooming back and forth on the couch. So I put her on the floor and she runs to the stairs and just stares upstairs. I then carried her upstairs and she booked it straight to the home office and wanted up on the computer chair (well, ontop my lap that is). I think she wanted to be in here because it's 1-2 degrees warmer (boo, because I was in the middle of my Office episode). Oh well, what a spoiled puppy. I happened to snap some pictures of her tho ;-)

EDIT: *sigh* I don't understand why my pictures show up as 1024x768. They say 640x480 on photobucket and everything...

DOUBLE EDIT: Ok, I guess it was just 1024x768 under 'preview post'. go me! =P
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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