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Oh my gosh was I stressed out!! Yesterday morning I let the girls out to pee before I gave them breakfast. They were howling like crazy at the back by our shed. I finally got them in, and they ate and wanted outside again. I thought I better see what had them so wound up. They were both almost all the way under they shed. All I could see of Casey was her back feet and tail. Hunter just her bum. I opened the shed thinking there was probably a squirrel there. I head movement and then the smell. Thank goodness the dogs were around the other side and didn't get sprayed!! I quickly got them inside and blocked off the area. When Mike got home he set a live trap baited with pepperoni,he checked it later in the evening and came back and said he was going for a ride. He put a blanket over the trap and drove the skunk outside the city and let him go. We were lucky that neither the dogs or us got spayed. I almost felt sorry for him trapped under there with 2 howling beagles trying to get him.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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